The Concept & Purpose of How to Read Books

Our Concept, Purpose & Goals

The goals of are to sell children's literature, provide unique online literacy development tools designed to empower children to learn to love to read, and to fund a literacy-focused nonprofit startup, TALSD.ORG (Timely Active Literacy Skills Development).

Jeff is dedicated to developing a community of literacy enthusiasts and actively providing tools and resources focused on increasing the level of literacy in the US . The first creative tool that Jeff is developing will be featured on this website, called Book Smiles. Book Smiles are thirty second videos of children giving reviews of their favorite books that are read to them. This enthusiastic community will provide the appropriate social infrastructure so that young children, regardless of socioeconomic status, will have real access to an active reading platform and curriculum when they enter kindergarten. The literacy movement begins when you purchase a book on, share a link to either website, or bring it up in conversation.