About How to Read Books

Meet M. Jeff St Germain

While working on his masters in education, Jeff Saint Germain drew some powerful comments from his colleagues for some of his innovative theories, teaching methods, and presentations. It was this type of feedback that empowered Jeff to give creative writing a try. The objectives of Jeff's work extends beyond creating books to develop language skills through discussion between reader and listener. Woven in these books are additional lessons on responsibility, creative thinking and cultural appreciation. Jeff has other books in the works that presents concepts about financial responsibility, the golden rule and a continuation of multiculturalism.

As the Education Director for the nonprofit Children Across America, Jeff designed and developed their two signature programs: Children's Book Club (CBC) and Summer Lunch and Literacy (SLLP). Philosophically, Jeff believes that it is more important to teach children the process of how to enjoy reading rather than the process of developing their phonetic skills. Phonetic skills are self learned through practice while reading on their own and to others. Once a child learns how to enjoy the activity of reading, the child will be self driven to put their time in to learn the phonetics. Since phonetic skills are generally self-taught through practice, the primary educator's focus should be mentoring children to ensure they learn how to enjoy reading. Simply stated, my goal is for children to learn to love to read.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Jeff lived in the New York metro area before settling down in suburban Massachusetts where he has resided for the past decade. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys team sports and hiking. He is the proud father of two children currently in college but still holds fond memories reading books like Good Night Gorilla and Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain.