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I am looking for partners!

By "partner", I mean people who want to be a part of the TALSD organization lift off by spreading the word, or donating $1, $5, $25 or $35.

Donation Levels

Network All-Star

Leave us your email address and pledge to recruit “x amount” of people willing to support the TALSD mission. You believe in the concept and you eagerly spread the word within your network.

I'm all In - $1

you make a $1.00 donation and commit to sharing the TALSD page with your friends and family.

30m+weB4 makes sense to me

you make a $5 donation, share the TALSD page with your friends and strategically place your 30m+weB4 bumper sticker so it will get the biggest return! I need orders of at least 250 to process. No fee for USP.
*meaning of 30m+weB4 is at the top of the About TALSD page.

30m+weB4 makes sense to me - $5

Book Smiles Club

** you make a $25 donation ($10 for shirts, $7 for shipping and $8 for TALSD start up funds) we will send you a child’s size t-shirt with the Book Smiles logo on it and donate 2 more to kids living in underserved communities in your name.
** to learn more about Book Smiles click here!

Book Smiles Club - $25

First Editioners

you make a $35 donation ($20 pays for 2 1st edition copies of my first book, “How I Read” and ground shipping. One book is for you, one book is for an underserved child and $10 for TALSD start up and $5.00 will pay for shipping) The first edition will be a unique edition. This book should be ready by the end of September, 2019.

First Editioners - $35


Pick up the costs of bumper stickers, t-shirts or shipping. Volunteer your intellectual abilities to build the TALSD website, social media director, or any position that you think that we will need. TALSD will be the next big thing with your support.

We appreciate your investment in TALSD!
For the sake of us being able to ship your items, we need your name and e-mail address. We will send an e-mail requesting the necessary details so that we can successfully fill your order. Follow us and see how your donation will make a difference !